Bring on a team that collects more and makes sure NOTHING falls through the cracks.

Because the details matter.

Why is the Altus Team a Great Fit with Yours?

  • All U.S. Based

  • Relationship-Driven (and Fun!)

  • Focused on YOUR Profitability

  • Experts in Pediatrics and Billing Best Practices

  • Skilled at Data Analysis and Custom Reporting

Meet the team that’s raising the bar on pediatric billing

And looking out for your practice as if it were their own.

You care about kids.
We care about you getting paid

Together, we’ll make a great team

“Altus understood my frustrations from the beginning and I felt good knowing that an MBA was helping with the business side of my practice. Altus brings a sense of professionalism and they help me feel like our practice isn’t on an island. I have total confidence with the billing now and how things are handled in our practice.”

Dr. Scott Moore, MD, FAAP