You keep kids healthy.

We make sure you get paid for it.

Expert medical billing focused on helping pediatric practices raise the bar.

Pediatric expertise

Assigned billing specialists

100% claims paid

Outsourcing your billing should be easy.

You shouldn’t have to wonder…

Will my data be compromised with an overseas team?

Will they understand the ins and outs of pediatrics?

Will they have the level of detail and care that in-house staff has?

Will they resolve aged and unpaid claims effectively?

We’re raising the bar on pediatric billing.

Bring on a team that collects more and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Work with a dedicated, US-based team member who knows your office and systems to ensure everything gets paid.


Track everything we’ve done for your patients in your own billing system – so you and your team can review our work at any time.


Get benchmarks and insights on your current profitability and regular recommendations for improvements.

Altus understood my frustrations from the beginning and I felt good knowing that an MBA was helping with the business side of my practice.

Dr. Scott Moore, MD, FAAP

“Altus uses a disciplined, detailed workflow to ensure all billable services are accurately captured, billed, and paid. Our accounts receivable are now significantly better than pediatric A/R benchmarks. We enjoy a close working relationship with the Altus team. Our dedicated Altus biller is incredibly organized and tenaciously goes after every penny due to us. Altus leadership is knowledgeable and attentive. All in all an excellent partnership!”

Shari M., Practice Admin

Get exactly what you need from your billing company – and more.

You deserve a partner who knows peds and can help you implement best practices.

We only do pediatric billing, so you can be sure you’re getting an expert who can help you examine the numbers, optimize your practice, collect more, and better serve your patients.

Active AAP Members

Pediatric Practice Experts

Always current on payer rules

Our proven processes to help your practice thrive.

Work with us and get the insight and experience from our many pediatric clients nationwide. You’ll see how you measure up – and how you can do even better.


We have a thorough 30-point checklist for our workflow, allowing us to meticulously follow up on every detail so nothing falls through the cracks.


We’ll routinely analyze your data and provide recommendations on where to focus to increase the profitability of your practice.


We collaboratively problem solve with your team around more than just insurance issues. Whether it is coding questions or billing for new vaccines, or how to set your pricing strategy, we make ourselves available to your team.

Get Access to Our Exclusive Client Peer Groups

When you become a client, your practice will get exclusive access to our monthly virtual peer groups, one for pediatricians and one for practice administrators. Bring your toughest questions, get feedback, and learn strategies that help your practice thrive.

It’s easy to switch

No headaches, no training.

Just improved cash flow with a biller who gets all your claims paid.


Schedule a 60-minute discovery call with our team to make sure we’re the right fit.


With no long-term contracts, you’ll feel confident you’re making the right decision.


We get to work in your system, submitting claims right away.

Run a stronger, more profitable practice.

Partner with a billing team that gets your goals and helps you thrive.

Is your biller helping or hurting?

Download our resource,
“Expect More: 5 Things Your Billing Company Should Do (But Probably Doesn’t)”

What more could your biller be doing to help you run a more profitable practice? With this download, you’ll learn:

The benefits of owning your EMR and data

The reports and benchmarks you should be getting

The major advantages to having a pediatric-specialized biller on your side

And more!