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Meet Emily, Co-founder of Altus Pediatric Billing

We started Altus as a medical practice consulting company to help pediatricians build more profitable practices. But as we dove into the work, we noticed many of our clients’ biggest problems were rooted in cash flow, caused by poor insurance collections.

It sent us on the hunt to find a billing company that we could confidently recommend.

With a senior leadership team made up of an attorney, an MBA, and two pediatricians, the bar was set high. We sought out a biller who devoted the time to understand pediatrics, aggressively pursued insurance collections, and provided attentive teams.

And after much research, we couldn’t find any.

With the desire to help pediatricians run a thriving practice, we decided to make our primary focus billing and become the company pediatricians deserve.

Pediatricians rarely love their outsourced billing provider.

At Altus Pediatric Billing, we are raising the bar.

Our meticulous, relationship-based approach helps you confidently run

a better and more profitable practice.

“Altus understood my frustrations from the beginning and I felt good knowing that an MBA was helping with the business side of my practice. Altus brings a sense of professionalism and they help me to feel like our practice isn’t on an island. I have total confidence with the billing now and how things are handled in our practice.”

Dr. Scott Moore, MD, FAAP

“Altus uses a disciplined, detailed workflow to ensure all billable services are accurately captured, billed, and paid. Our accounts receivable are now significantly better than pediatric A/R benchmarks. We enjoy a close working relationship with the Altus team. Our dedicated Altus biller is incredibly organized and tenaciously goes after every penny due to us. Altus leadership is knowledgeable and attentive. All in all an excellent partnership!”

Shari M., Practice Admin

“We were running a great practice and were growing at a good rate, but when we met with Altus we learned there were some small changes we could make that would help us collect more for our work. As a result, we’ve been able to increase revenue and invest more in our practice.”

Dr. Melody Burton, DO, FAAP

“Altus is the most proactive and meticulous biller I’ve ever worked with. They catch trends, share information, and they know what is going on in my business and in peds. They are so much more than a biller. I can go to them with my questions, and they are constantly giving our team tips on how to improve workflow!”

Sandra M., Practice Admin

“Thanks to Altus, we learned we were under-coding a lot of visits and not getting paid what we should for our work. Now we have more confidence in how we code and are collecting more.”

Dr. Kerstin Archer, MD, FAAP

“Altus has made sure we have been paid for every patient we have seen in the last year! They helped our front desk understand how important their role is in patient collections and eligibility verification.”

Emily L., Office Manager

You can expect more with Altus

  • Specialized in pediatrics
  • Dedicated biller on your account
  • All staff is US-based
  • Data-driven and customized reporting
  • Insights into pediatric billing best practices
  • Experts working in your EMR
  • Profitability-focused
  • All claims get paid

Friendly with your team. Rigorous with your claims.

Don’t let our kindness fool you – we’ll make sure you get paid, every time!