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How much does outsourcing pediatric billing cost?

Is there an easy way to see how my biller is doing now?

Doesn’t Athena do my billing? Why do I need you?

Is your billing staff overseas?

What kind of results do you get?

How do you keep client information safe?

How can you help me achieve my practice goals?

How often are you working on my account?

What kind of reporting do you provide?

What does working with Altus look like?

What EMR software do you specialize in?

Why do providers love to work with us?

Are you taking new clients?2022-11-18T17:04:56-06:00

Yes! Just set up a 60-minute discovery call with our team to make sure we’re the right fit. With no long-term contracts, you’ll feel confident you’re making the right decision. Then, we’ll get to work in your system, submitting claims right away.

What kind of results do you get?2022-11-18T17:04:01-06:00

We help all of our clients make more money – sometimes as much as 100% more for the work they are already doing! We do this with a proven process that ensures constant follow up on all denials (even the ones that seem like lost causes), appealing denials we don’t think are correct, and advising you on your reimbursement/contracts when we see fit.

Are you HIPAA compliant?2022-11-18T17:03:10-06:00

Yes! We have pediatricians and a JD on staff who understand the ins and outs of healthcare compliance, and we’ve partnered with a tech company that constantly monitors our machines. Our careful and meticulous team receives annual training and we never compromise Protected Health Information.

What software do I need?2022-11-18T17:02:19-06:00

Whatever you already have! We have experience with a range of EMRs and are able to log in to your existing software to complete all billing from there.

What kind of reporting do you provide?2022-11-18T17:15:07-06:00

We want you to understand your business and we believe in complete transparency. We let you know total billed, total collected, days in accounts receivable, and provide an aging report that shows what is outstanding that has aged 30 days, 60 days, and 90+ days. In addition, we keep detailed notes in your system so you and your staff can always see exactly what steps are being taken on each account.

We provide you with quarterly insight reports that look at your charges, vaccine reimbursement, and practice growth. On top of that, we’ll provide you with strategic ideas for growth or improving your practice.

What specialties do you handle?2022-11-18T17:14:58-06:00

Pediatrics! We’ve dedicated our services exclusively to pediatrics because we’re pediatricians, too. We know pediatrics and love the impact we can have on pediatric practices.

Claim Questions

How are statements handled?2022-11-18T17:09:07-06:00

We send statements through your EMR, or through our mail house, depending on what works best for your practice. We send them weekly so you get paid as quickly as possible and we maintain a number just for your practice where patients can call with questions about their bills.

How are patient accounts handled?2022-11-18T17:08:35-06:00

When something becomes patient responsibility, we note it in their account and send them three statements. In addition, we maintain a phone line and email address for them so they can call us with any questions. That way, our office feels like an extension of yours.

How are deposits handled?2022-11-18T17:07:46-06:00

All money goes through your office. You should already be set up with direct deposit from most payers and the few who still send checks will send those to your office. Just share the paperwork with us so we credit the correct account with the payment.

How do you handle non-payments from the insurance companies?2022-11-18T17:06:53-06:00

We dig into every denial, even the ones that seem to be patient responsibility (such as coverage terminated prior to visit or no prior authorization) and we work diligently with the payer to make sure the denial is, in fact, valid. More often than not, it ends up being paid by the insurance company. Oh, and Coordination of Benefits? We call the patient for you so they can clear that up and you can be paid right away.

How often are you working on my account?2022-11-18T17:05:49-06:00

Every day! We get claims out and post payments every day – it’s the only way to make sure you get paid as quickly as possible and that you know exactly what patients may owe you before they come in for an appointment.

Service Questions

How do you handle credentialing concerns?2022-11-18T17:12:16-06:00

We work closely with your credentialing rep or the person in your office to take care of any claims denied or delayed due to credentialing problems.

Do I have to have a contract to work with you?2023-01-12T14:01:56-06:00

Not sure you are ready to make a change? Switching medical billers is a big change. Sometimes, you want to take a test drive before committing to a contract. That’s why we offer Billing Performance Audits. We’ll benchmark you alongside your peers nationwide to give you a full analysis of how your practice is performing and where you can improve.

I want more from my practice – can you help my practice grow and improve?2022-11-18T17:10:52-06:00

We are strategic and data-driven. This means we can help you decide on practice goals and then we use all that we know to help you create a plan to meet that goal. We then start measuring your progress so you can share the victory with your team

What does your work with my team look like day-to-day?2022-11-18T17:10:07-06:00

We think it’s important to feel like one big team dedicated to getting your practice paid for patient care. We work closely with your front office, clinical and provider staff when there are questions or concerns about billing and coding. We also offer training for new front desk staff members to help them understand their role in the billing process and training for providers who need extra help with coding.

Altus understood my frustrations from the beginning and I felt good knowing that an MBA was helping with the business side of my practice.

Dr. Scott Moore, MD, FAAP

“Altus uses a disciplined, detailed workflow to ensure all billable services are accurately captured, billed, and paid. Our accounts receivable are now significantly better than pediatric A/R benchmarks. We enjoy a close working relationship with the Altus team. Our dedicated Altus biller is incredibly organized and tenaciously goes after every penny due to us. Altus leadership is knowledgeable and attentive. All in all an excellent partnership!”

Shari M., Practice Admin

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Schedule a 60 minute discovery call with our team to make sure we’re the right fit.


With no long-term contracts, you’ll feel confident you’re making the right decision.


We get to work in your system, submitting claims right away.

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