Experience a different kind of pediatric medical billing.

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients get paid, improve their cash flow, and run a profitable practice.

We get it. There’s a lot on the line.

And you don’t want to be just another number to your billing provider or risk your patient data being compromised when processed by some overseas team. How can you be confident in the level of professionalism and proficiency in the work?

You should expect more when you outsource your billing.

Get a pediatric medical billing company that is proactive, professional, and meticulous.

Your dedicated biller will know your practice as if they were internal staff – and make sure you’re getting paid what you should.


Typical Pediatric Medical Billing Company

  • Claim review

  • Claim submission

  • Claim correction

  • Payment posting

  • Patient statements

  • Common reporting

We do that, and so much more.


Altus Pediatric Billing

  • Everything included in your “Typical Pediatric Medical Billing Company” and …

  • 30-point total profitability practice review
  • Zero claim write-off policy
  • Front desk and office manager support to help ensure fast collection and excellent customer service
  • Detailed notes on every outstanding patient account, recorded in your system for easy access
  • Monthly practice analysis with key practice metrics and suggested action steps to increase profitability
  • Quarterly analysis of fee schedule and contract rates

  • Annual practice goal-setting strategy sessions to maximize profitability
  • Pediatric care expertise that allows quick identification and action to unpublished payer changes that affect claims

Ask About A Pediatric Medical Billing Performance Audit

We started as consultants, and that desire to improve our clients’ practice has never left us. We’ll benchmark you alongside your peers nationwide to give you a full analysis of how your practice is performing and where you can improve.

You care about kids.
We care about you getting paid

Together, we’ll make a great team

“Altus understood my frustrations from the beginning and I felt good knowing that an MBA was helping with the business side of my practice. Altus brings a sense of professionalism and they help me feel like our practice isn’t on an island. I have total confidence with the billing now and how things are handled in our practice.”

Dr. Scott Moore, MD, FAAP

Friendly with your team.
Rigorous with your claims.

Don’t let our kindness fool you – we’ll make sure you get paid, every time!