3 Tips to Fill a New Provider’s Schedule

You’re bringing on a new pediatrician, which means your practice is growing. Congratulations!

But do you have a plan to boost patient numbers for your new physician? Do you know your investment will result in more income for your practice?

After all, many patients can be hesitant to see someone that isn’t their preferred provider.

But with the right messaging and a few effective strategies, your new physician will be serving patients and generating income for your practice in no time.

Here are three strategies we recommend:

1. Shout it from the rooftops (or at least via email and social media!)

Make sure every family knows about the great new addition to your team. Introduce the new physician in an email, on your website, and on social media. Create a short introductory video so families can see and hear them. It’s all about visibility and building familiarity.

In addition to announcements, feature them in engaging and informative content so your patients build trust and comfort with them before they even meet them in person.

Sounds like: “Meet our amazing new physician, Dr. Martinez, and hear from her about the top ways to build your immunity this cold season…”

2. Launch a “Newborn Campaign” to capture patients early

Newborns and their parents present a prime opportunity for pediatric practices and new providers. There are a variety of ways you can capitalize on this.

A. Have your new physician host periodic “Meet the Pediatrician” sessions for expectant parents. This event allows parents to get acquainted with your practice, making the transition to your care smoother once their baby arrives. Remember: all of the pediatricians are new to them, so you don’t have to jump over that hurdle.

B. Build appointments with your new provider into the first year of an infant’s care as part of your standard process.

Sounds like: “Dr. Johnston is so amazing. We like for all babies to see him at their 9-month well-check.”

C. Reach out to local OBs and ask them to share the news of your new physician with patients who are looking for a pediatrician.

3. Offer the new physician’s available slots first

While many patients request a specific provider, there are always instances when the appointment time is the most important factor. When potential patients reach out to your practice for appointments, streamline the process by offering the new pediatrician’s availability first.

Whether these appointment times are going to new or existing patients, ensure your front desk staff speaks highly about the new provider’s expertise and compassionate care. When parents call, they should feel confident that your practice can provide an excellent experience through your new addition.

Have you had success with any of these strategies? Did we miss any? Let us know.